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Lodging tips for foreigners

Have you moved to the Czech Republic and don´t know how to get a sublet? We prepared few tips, which will help you with acquiring needed documents.

Czech Republic laws do not restrain renting flats to foreigners, there is even forbidden nationality-based discrimination by law. However, you need to know that according to Act No. 326/1999 Coll. on the Residence of Foreign Nationals, that in case of expected stay over 30 days you have to call in your presence to appropriate Inspectorate of Foreign Police.


When you are searching for an apartment pay attention to whom is the owner. Is it owned by a municipality, housing cooperative or a private person? Municipalities often have their own requirements to make rents for foreigners. In case the owner is a cooperative apartment rental, you have to keep in mind that you do not become the tenant of the cooperative but of the original tenant instead. In practice, this does not have to make an impact, but you do not become a member of a cooperative itself. In some cases, the cooperative statutes may constitute a complication, and it may also happen they do not permit the renting of apartments to their members at all.


Option when the apartment is owned by a person, there shall be no complications with the rent.


Requirements needed for a stay in the Czech Republic

If you are a citizen of the European Union and you intend to stay in the Czech Republic for more than 3 months, you may apply for a temporary residence permit if do not endanger the security of the state or seriously undermine public order. An EU citizen may later apply for a permanent residence permit.


As has been mentioned earlier, if you intend to stay for longer period, you should report this information to the Alien Police. At the Alien Police you will need to provide following documents:


  • confirmation that the applicant is the owner of the corresponding house or flat
  • proof of authorization to use the flat or house in (certified copy of the lease agreement or sublease agreement together with the written consent of the landlord)
  • officially verified confirmation of the person who is the owner or authorized the usage of the apartment or house that he/she agrees to the accommodation of a foreigner


These documents will be afterwards put into the Archives of Aliens Police and may be made available to other authorities.


Rental time

Next thing to which you need to pay attention is a length of the rent. This period limits the length of the visa validity. For example, if the contract is settled for a 1 year period, your visa will be issued for the same time. It may be also required that the contract will be canceled if the tenant forfeits the right of residence in the Czech Republic. On the other hand, contract like this might be a little bit risky for the landlord, because it may unexpectedly disappear at any time.


Sharing of the rent

After you sign contract, you may accept other persons to become members of the household. This is the right of every tenant. If the next members are citizens of the Czech Republic / EU, the lessor's consent is not needed.


What does the contract need to contain?

The contract needs to include the designation of the apartment, its accessories and the extent of their use. This means specific address, apartment number in the house, floor number, number of rooms in the apartment, accessories (bathroom, toilet), other rooms (balcony, cellar, terrace ...).


The contract should also include

Method of rental rates calculation and reimbursements for services associated with the use of the flat you agree to.


How to pay rent and pay for services

For what time period is the contract concluded. This means, whether for a fixed term or for an indefinite period. For a certain period, the possibilities of prolongation may be determined.

Other agreed establishments


What do you need if you want to find a flat with VITOM Group?

You can find that searching on your own might be often challenging and we will be glad to help you. In this case, we will need the standard information we require from every interested person. This is in particular: exact name, date of birth and ID number.


If you need any advice, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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